Dana Mulder (yes, she was named after the hit TV show The X-files. Thanks dad) is a writer and actor from The Netherlands. She has an acting diploma from Mulholland Academy in Amsterdam and a writing for TV and Film diploma from Infocus Film School in Vancouver. She is currently developing a pilot for a half-hour sitcom calledDelivered, a riches to rags story about a woman who has to become a delivery driver. She is also working on a drama action feature about a woman going undercover in a sex trafficking ring.

Skills: Creative Writing, Research Skills, Time Management, Planning, Organisation Skills, Accent, Stage Combat, Improv, Singing, Martial arts, Public Speaking.
Diploma Writing for Film and TV from InFocus Film SchoolTV writing, Feature Writing, Documentary Writing, Adaptation Writing, Comedy Writing, Short Film Writing. 
Diploma from Mulholland Academy: Professional One Year Acting Program, Strasberg technique, Meisner technique, Acting for Camera, Theatre Acting, Comedy Acting.


Age range: 18-30
Hair: dark blond/brown
Eyes: blue
Languages: Dutch, English
Accents: Standard American, Southern US, British

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